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We offer a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, and/or Treatments.


(50 or 80 minutes)                                                         Bds$95/$135

An ancient Japanese healing art that uses Universal Life Force energy to effect change and balance in the body. A subtle laying of hands technique is applied with little or no body contact as specified. Reiki healing may be experienced at all levels— Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical.

Healing Touch Therapy

(50 minutes)                                                                             Bds$100

Healing Touch is a bio-field (the magnetic field around the body) therapy that is an energy-based approach to health and healing. These non-invasive techniques utilize the hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields, thus affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing.

Swedish Massage

(50 or 80 minutes)                                                             Bds95/$135

The most popular of the massage modalities, this service incorporates long flowing strokes designed to improve circulation; relive tension and stress; leaving you completely relaxed and energized.

Deep Tissue Massage

(50 or 80 minutes)                                                         Bds$125/$170

This is a firm treatment designed for persons with an active lifestyle. Deep tissue massage focuses on the specific needs of the client to assist

in relaxation muscles especially after the gym.

Instant De-Stressor

(25 minutes)                                                                            Bds$49

Escape the hustle and bustle of your busy schedule with this neck, back

and shoulder treatment.

Foot Reflex Massage

(25 or 50 minutes)                                                           Bds$95/$135

A foot massage treatment that creates a healthy balance of body, mind

and spirit.

Sports Massage

(50 or 80 minutes)                                                         Bds$125/$170

This treatment is very similar to Deep Tissue Massage but involves neuromuscular and also active and passive stretching.

Aromatherapy Massage

(50 or 80 minutes )                                                        Bds$105/$145

A combination of Eastern and Western techniques using the purest essential

oils to meet your personal needs.

Hot Stone Massage

(50 or 80 minutes)                                                   Bds$130/Bds$190

This treatment utilizes hot water-treated river stones which are placed at specific

points on the body to promote relaxation and to assist in opening up the energy pathways. Palpation of the muscles with the hot stones ensures a deep seated treatment. Essential oils may also be incorporated into the treatment.

Aqua Detox

(20 minute bath + 15 minute foot Massage)                     Bds$85.00

The Ion-cleanse foot bath provides a whole body detoxification therapy session.

The session removes toxins and impurities from the body through the pores of the feet.


(Call for Pricing)

Lypossage promotes the reduction of cellulite tissue through massage of lymphatic drainage points. Kneading, myofascial and swedish Massage techniques are used along with a specially formulated cream that can result in a smooth appearance of the tissue.

Each session lasts about 30 minutes and is performed in a series of eighteen (18) sessions over the course of 4-6 weeks. It is important to note that for most clients it takes 8-10 sessions before the results of the initial treatments become noticeable. After that, progress can be quite dramatic.

Resonant Frequency Therapy



You've probably heard about or seen an opera singer shattering a wine glass by singing a note. The note the singer sustains, is the resonant frequency of the wine glass. This sustained sound wave (note) causes the glass to shatter.

Scientists like Tesla and Dr. Rife, have proven that everything that exists has a resonant frequency of it's own. For instance, the carcinoma cancer cell has a resonant frequency of 2128 Hz. When a cell is resonated at it's resonant frequency, the cell is destroyed. Parasites, viruses, bacteria and other organisms all have their own resonant frequencies.

These frequencies are channeled through speakers or headsets to the brain which sends signals to the appropriate cells and or organs to effect healing. Whether it's just a headache, chakra alignment, or life threatening 'disease' this treatment offers immediate relief.

BioGenesis® Modern Tools, Eternal Technology

BioGenesis is the Birth of Creation. We instill the remembrance of the Process of Creation into a glass, and that glass radiates, or re-educates its environment with the memory of the Process of Creation. Restoring the memory of this Process within an individual or object creates a living system—it becomes living matter. While this ancient technology has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis, Ascended Masters recently re-introduced this effective energy to the World.

With BioGenesis, you can:

· Establish balance and harmony in your home

· Restore your health and vitality

· Manifest your life goals

BioGenesis is ever renewing; BioGenesis is ever refreshing; BioGenesis is ever restoring.

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