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Massage Therapy

offers many benefits...

· Massage can alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion. Medication dependence can be eased with massage. Massage improves muscle tone and helps prevent or delay muscular atrophy from forced inactivity. Weak, tight, or atrophied muscles exercised and stretched.

· Massage can reduce spasms and cramping as well as increase flexibility.

· Massage helps manage stress, which can lead to decreased anxiety, enhance sleep quality; greater energy; improved concentration; increased circulation, and reduced fatigue.

 · Massage facilitates circulation and improves blood flow. Arthritis sufferers notice fewer aches and less stiffness and pain.



"Vibratory level is not just an intellectual term. It’s something you feel, something you know down deep, and it is changing. This is what is called moving from third dimensional vibratory level to fifth; going through fourth, which is that place of peace, that place that allows you to be Beholder, that place you enter when you take the deep breath and you stand back from whatever is going on.



 Every day Monday thru Saturday at 10:30am (Eastern Standard Time) we offer a Universal Long Distance Healing. To have your name placed in our crystal healing bowl kindly send your information to: with the word "HEALING" in the subject line.

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